Royal Windsor Tour

Visit the wonderful town of Windsor and explore the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world.

Take a stroll through old Windsor, taking in historic and picturesque streets and alleyways adjacent to the castle.

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•  6 hour tour      •  Price per taxi      •  Up to 6 guests     • Bespoke tour


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Royal Windsor Tour


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Royal Windsor Tour



Explore the State Apartments built in a baroque style for Charles II in the 17th century.
View paintings of the Royal collection and don’t forget to look up to marvel at the glorious ceilings.

Wander through bedchambers, drawing rooms and grand banqueting halls.

Also located within the 26 acre grounds of the Castle walls is St George’s Chapel, this private chapel sees births, deaths and marriages for the Royals.



Windsor is a town rich in royal history and the home of famous Windsor Castle.

Who will enjoy this tour?

This tour is perfect for anyone with an interest in the Royal family or the history of the UK. Royal history has shaped the country and made it what it is today, so it’s a fascinating opportunity for anyone wanting to know more about London and Great Britain, past and present.

Why choose a taxi tour to windsor?

During this tour, we take you outside of the city to the county of Royal Berkshire and visit Windsor. No other type of tour can cover such a distance in just one day. If there is anything else you want to see along the way, just let us know – our tours are completely bespoke.

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Tour length: 6 hours

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