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Black Taxi Tour Green Hut Russell Square

London Taxi Trade Charities Christmas Collection

Ever wondered where Cabbie’s chill out, exchange anecdotes, share stories they’ve overheard in the back of their cab, warm up and have a cuppa?  Well, the answer is within their Cabmen’s shelters.  For those of you that know London well you may well have seen the Cabbie’s shelters dotted around the city and wondered what…

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The National Football League (NFL) Comes to London

As American professional football continues to grow in popularity outside the United States, we are delighted that the National Football League (NFL) London Games (sub-series of the NFL International series) returns to UK shores once again with four fixtures planned.  Two games are taking place at Wembley Stadium and the other two games are at…

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Black Taxi Tour London Highclere Castle

How to Live Like a Lord or Lady in London – A Cab Driver’s Guide

Has the release of the new Downton Abbey film left you wanting to experience the quintessentially British aristocratic lifestyle?  Well, we asked some of our expert Driver Guides here at Black Taxi Tour London for their tips on some of the city’s top class Downtonesque locations and places of interest… Dress the part Pick out your favourite…

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Military London

When I drive my London Black Taxi across Westminster Bridge, the wonderful view of Old Father Thames against the back drop of the Palace of Westminster reminds me of what a great city we live and work in.  I often reflect upon its foundation and development over the last two millennia. Being an ex-soldier I…

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‘Can you tell the time?’ Walking Tour

Let’s get our children out and about with this fun walk put together by our Guide Rachel. Start Point is Kings Cross Station. A great station to look at.  A masterful piece of brickwork and a special station for all Harry Potter fans. A free photo can be taken at a mock up Platform 9¾…

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100 years of Rememberance – Lest We Forget

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the Great War also known as World War 1 finished in 1918. Being the first real mechanical war and with trench warfare being so brutal and unforgiving there was many casualties, with 900,000 souls lost. With this came certain problems with regards to…

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‘A Royal Wedding’ at Windsor Castle

While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on their tour of Australia, Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga and New Zealand attending the Invictus games as its Patron, we are lucky enough to have placed on display to the public at Windsor Castle (until the 6th January 2019) the dress worn by Megan Markle, the…

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Archeaological Dig in Camden

St James’s Gardens on Cardington Street has not been used as a cemetery for a long time and was turned into public gardens in 1887.  It has become a victim of the HS2 train line, a controversial subject and one that stirs emotion in many residents in the Camden area as well as villages along…

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Brick Lane

Brick Lane is a truly hidden London historical gem. It nestles alongside the City of London in Spitalfields/Whitechapel and has probably been made home to more nationalities and refugees than anywhere else in London. Nothing typifies this more than the food that has been served along this street. Huguenots from the 1700s hung their garlic…

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