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Trafalgar Sq

Trafalgar Square: protest, celebration and victory

Written by taxi tour guide Moses Trafalgar Square is the focal point for protests, revelry and victory celebrations, however it was only in 1835 that the area became known by this name. Trafalgar Square may be one of London’s most famous areas, but do you know the history behind it? Learn everything you need to…

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For The Love of Theatre

Written by taxi tour guide Steve Indulge me for a minute. Imagine that London has three physiological elements: the River Thames is the spine, the Royal Parks are the lungs, and in my humble opinion, theatre is the heart. So it all began for me aged five when my parents took me to see the…

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The Star-Spangled Banner

Written by taxi tour guide Frank What is known as The War of 1812 started off the back of the ongoing battles between Britain and France. Both sides imposed restrictions on the ‘neutral’ shipping of goods to and from the ports of the opposing country, as well as to the colonies of that country, which…

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The Joy Music Brings

Written by taxi tour guide Rachel My story begins quite simply with my love of music. I’ve been going to gigs and buying records for too many years to mention – music has brought so much joy and introduced me to so many fabulous people, it’s no wonder it’s the theme of some of my…

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How Black Taxi Tour London came to be

On a cold dry sunny morning in January, the founding members of Black Taxi Tour London (BTTL) sat around a huge oak boardroom table in the private dining area of The Admiralty Pub. The Admiralty is a charming pub that sits right in the heart of London’s Trafalgar Square. As the name suggests, it pays…

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Five hidden gardens in London

Written by taxi tour guide Paula Erm, hidden gardens?… Don’t you mean secret gardens? Well actually, no! Some of these gardens aren’t really a secret anymore, however they are well hidden and off the beaten track. As the saying goes, ‘blink and you’ll miss them!’ Here are my top five intriguing hidden gardens in London…

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The birthplace of British Rock ‘n’ Roll

Written by taxi tour guide David Could it possibly be true that the birthplace of British rock ‘n’ roll is a fish and chip shop? (Albeit an incredibly good fish and chip shop, in fact one of the best in London: I can vouch for that.) The plaque outside this famous Soho eatery states that…

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London’s horses

London and horses, they just go together, don’t they? It’s not actually that long ago, 100 years or so, that London was a horse drawn society, as was the rest of the country. London has a massive history as far as horses are concerned; they helped us build it by pulling carts laden with stone,…

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