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London’s horses

London and horses, they just go together, don’t they? It’s not actually that long ago, 100 years or so, that London was a horse drawn society, as was the rest of the country. London has a massive history as far as horses are concerned; they helped us build it by pulling carts laden with stone,…

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Bridgerton | Relive the drama with one of our day tours

Welcome to 1813 Regency London – this is the year Netflix has set its juicy period drama “Bridgerton”. The phenomenally successful eight-part series is narrated by none other than Julie ‘Mary Poppins’ Andrews, who stars as an undercover scandal and romance gossip columnist, Lady Whistledown. The first series has proved so successful that Netflix is…

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London - Staycation ideas

Staycation ideas | Unique guided day tours

London’s lockdown is starting to ease slowly and positively. There is an increasing level of visitors on the streets and pavements, and a substantial movement of traffic on the roads. London’s commerce is working hard to ensure that safety is paramount in providing an exciting and enjoyable experience for all our visitors.  Recently, London has…

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London Theatre Tour | A unique way to enjoy London’s theatreland

The uncertain future of the theatrical industry has sadly dimmed the shining lights that usually illuminate London’s West End.  As you can see from the recent picture of our Tour Guide David taken outside Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on Bankside, those magnificent black iron gates are firmly shut for now. Our Tour Guides here at Black…

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London’s Royal Parks: Hyde Park

As Tour Guides, we love to hear client’s feedback and views on what they are seeing on tour, be it a Beatles Tour, Harry Potter Tour or The Classic London Tour; reviews are so important to us, they ensure that we deliver a premium service to all of our clients. One observation that always gets mentioned,…

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London tourist sights

London’s Royal Palaces

London’s Must-See Historic Royal Palaces As the saying goes, an Englishman’s home is his castle, but is it fit for a king or queen?  Our popular Classic London Sightseeing Tour features five Royal Palaces in its itinerary of London’s must-see sights.  Each palace can claim its right as being a castle, because of the security, strength…

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Greenwich Park Children’s Walking Tour

What better way than to spend your daily walk with the children than on one of our Child Centric Tours.  This one is ideal for anyone who lives within walking distance of Greenwich Park. May I suggest you take paper and pencil/pens for the trip. Remember, it is very important not to participate in this…

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London Policeman


London’s Police – An Overview  Law enforcement in the UK is a complex topic, one that cannot be summarised easily on one page.  So, one of our Driver Guides, has used their knowledge to uncover the ‘need to know’ facts about our amazing police force.  By the end of this blog, readers will be armed…

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If you are planning a trip to London in June, you will not want to miss one of the most esteemed military parades in the world.  The Trooping of the Colour is a tradition that has marked the official birthday of the British Sovereign for over 260 years.  Many visitors to London are unaware of…

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