I’ve been a taxi driver since May 2010, having followed in my family’s footsteps and worked as a postman previously. I always wanted to do something more challenging, and completing the world’s hardest taxi driving test certainly fitted the bill!

One of my favourite places to visit is the Tower of London – the juxtaposition between the ancient fortified tower and the new, modern London behind it makes for a great view.

I love meeting new people and I’m a real family man, spending lots of time with my daughters. I play guitar and regularly gig all over London, so The Beatles Tour and Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour are right up my street.

I’m also into my sport, and I came 2nd in the British race walking championships when I was at school! I promise to slow down when I’m showing you around London.

Paul’s top London fact

The reason London taxis have a high roof is so that gentlemen don’t need to remove their top hats when entering.

Don’t worry though, formal attire isn’t compulsory during my tours!

Paul’s top tours

I like running The Beatles in London or the Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour. I’m a big music fan and the people who book these tours usually are too, so we have lots in common.

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