My taxi driving experience goes back to March 2001, and it’s a great career for me. Many people find The Knowledge really stressful, but I loved it! Don’t get me wrong, it was incredibly challenging, but I really appreciate having such an in-depth knowledge of London as I’ve always been interested in its history.

I enjoy the social side of my job, meeting new people every day who are always pleased to see me and eager to chat. I like being able to surprise them on my tours and show them amazing sights they didn’t even know existed.

Whilst the city and its architecture are amazing, I do have a soft spot for the parks and the River Thames. I like to share this with my customers and show them the beautiful green London I know and love.

Being outside is a real passion of mine, and when I’m not working, I’m often gardening, horse riding or walking my dog.

Paula’s top London fact

A lot of people have heard the legend of the ravens at the Tower of London – supposedly, if they ever leave, the crown will fall and the country with it. However, not as many people know the story of Charles II and his superstition.

The Royal Observatory was originally based at the Tower. But when the ravens began interfering with the smooth running of Charles II’s beloved observatory, it was this that had to go. The ravens stayed, and the observatory was moved – all the way to Greenwich!

Paula’s top tours

I love running all our tours! The London Scandal Tour has a special place in my heart as I researched and put it together myself.

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