I’ve been driving a black taxi since Nov 2010, and my husband is also a taxi
driver. It’s made such a difference to our lives – we both love it.

I love celebrating the diversity of London. The best part of my job is being able to share my knowledge, telling people different stories that will really resonate with them. I research my tours thoroughly and am always learning. I have recently completed a course in Art and Culture in 18th and 19th Century London – I never rest on my laurels! I’m into art and history, music and theatre, but also love London’s green spaces – one of my favourite spots in the city is Regents Park, and there’s something really special about it in the autumn. For me, a typical day starts with walking the dog. When I’m not busy driving cabs, you might find me gardening or riding my 36 year old BMW R80. I live by the motto ‘be the best person you can be every day, and don’t limit yourself, and the rest rolls in front of you’.

Rachel’s top London fact

Charles Street Mayfair was once the home to Ignatious Sancho, Britain’s first black citizen in 1720.

Rachel’s top tours

I love a day exploring Greenwich, and I always enjoy meeting music fans and running the Rock ‘n’ roll tour.

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