I’ve been a London taxi driver for many years now, having completed The Knowledge in October 2001 – it took me three years.

Driving a taxi is a flexible, highly enjoyable way of life for me and I get to meet so many new people. I love sharing my knowledge and telling people about the history of my city. Every single day is different and it keeps me on my toes.

I live in South East London and love sharing some lesser-known secrets about the city. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by history every day in my work. One of my favourite sights to show my customers is the view from Waterloo Bridge, with the contrast between old and new.

I’m just as busy outside of work as I am in work – when I’m not behind the wheel of my taxi, you might find me travelling and visiting places of interest to broaden my historical knowledge, as well as socialising, going to the gym, shopping and listening to live music.

Stella’s top London fact

The smallest police station in London dates back to the 1920s and is on the corner of Trafalgar Square. It isn’t very functional, as it’s just about big enough to hold two prisoners. It’s now used to store cleaning items instead!

Stella’s top tour

I love running the Classic London tour and highlight London’s most iconic sights. There’s so much history and so many stories to tell.



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