I have been driving a black cab since Aug 1997 and before that, I used to run bars, so I have always worked with people. No two days are the same for me, and that’s what is great about this line of work.

I meet so many different people – some just need to get from A to B quickly, and others want a full history tour of London. I am used to helping people with their different priorities, so it comes naturally to me.

I really enjoy showing people the Tower of London, because of its deep history and interesting stories. The beefeaters are very knowledgeable people, although you might get in trouble if you start trying to talk to them whilst they’re guarding the crown jewels!

I also love running the London sightseeing tour, as this one really packs a punch and allows people to see so much of the city.

Tim’s top London fact

The beefeaters, or yeoman warders, were originally formed in 1485 by Henry VIII. However, there wasn’t a female beefeater until 2007, when Moira Cameron became the first woman to hold the position and guard the Tower of London.

Tim’s top tours

The Classic Sightseeing Tour is one of my favourites as it gets in as much of London as possible in a few hours – it really blows people away!

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