I am a seasoned taxi driver and have been in the driving seat since January 1987. I have always felt like a guide because I loved sharing my knowledge with my passengers, so I decided to make it official and take my guide qualification and I have never looked back.


For The Love of Theatre

Written by taxi tour guide Steve Indulge me for a minute. Imagine that London has three physiological elements: the River Thames is the spine, the Royal Parks are the lungs, and in my humble opinion, theatre is the heart. So it all began for me aged five when my parents took me to see the…


The Star-Spangled Banner

Written by taxi tour guide Frank What is known as The War of 1812 started off the back of the ongoing battles between Britain and France. Both sides imposed restrictions on the ‘neutral’ shipping of goods to and from the ports of the opposing country, as well as to the colonies of that country, which…