LGBT London Tour

London Pride is more than an annual celebration – it’s an ethos. As Londoners, we are proud to be part of a welcoming, accommodating city. We live in a diverse place that enjoys numerous cultural and social influences. Take a tour of London that is so much more than the streets, buildings and landmarks – this is an exploration of London’s people.

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During your tour, we will visit different areas of London that have had a major influence on the history of sexuality. From famous literary figures to royalty, discover the people who have played their part in shaping London’s social history. To see what this has become today, visit Soho and experience London’s vibrant LGBTQ+ scene.

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LGBT London Tour

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Highlights of the LGBT London Tour

These are some of the most popular sights you can see during your tour:


Oscar Wilde’s house

See the Chelsea home of one of the most powerful and influential writers ever to have lived in the capital. Wilde led a hard life and was imprisoned for his homosexuality. Learn more about his story, and how his thoughts and influence live on through his rich literature.


Alan Turing’s house

Turing was an incredible computer scientist, but in 1952, he was prosecuted for homosexual acts. There is now a law named after him that retroactively pardons anyone cautioned or convicted according to historical legislation that made homosexuality illegal.

Lambeth Palace

This was home to Mary Benson, wife of the Archbishop of Canterbury. She had numerous relationships with women whilst married, and after her husband’s death. She was a brave, intelligent and insightful lady, and the notoriously stiff Victorian society she lived in turned a blind eye!


One of the most vibrant parts of London, Soho is known for its nightlife. It is teeming with gay and lesbian bars, ranging from classy cocktail spots to cabaret venues. It is a great place to stop off for some lunch – the foodie scene is big here and the narrow streets are lined with restaurants.



This was the haunt of the famous Bloomsbury Group, a collection of artists and writers that famously included Virginia Woolf. They had close friendships, and often same-sex relationships, with each other. They were widely known for their forward-thinking beliefs and ways of life.

Who will enjoy this tour?

Everybody! Our tour of London’s LGBTQ+ history can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. If you are interested in social history, society and how London has been shaped by various influential figures, then this is the tour for you.

During the tour, we visit many central parts of London where you will also have the chance to see other famous landmarks. Create the tour you want to take and explore areas that interest you.

Why take a black taxi tour of LGBT London?

London’s LGBTQ+ history played out across the city. We can take you from place to place quickly and easily, taking shortcuts to get you to your destination. This is a highly specialised tour run by our knowledgeable guides – you will come away enriched with all your new knowledge!

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