I have been driving a London taxi since September 2011. I had a few different jobs before, and this is one of my favourites as I love London and the variety of the work.

I have spent a long time working with people (except in my first job, where I was a cattleman on a farm!) I was a soldier and veteran of the Falklands, then I spent 30 years in the Metropolitan Police. This set me up well for my current role, which I see as being part teacher and part entertainer.

I live out in Epping Forest and enjoy showing my customers some of the quieter, more laid back parts of London as well as the hustle and bustle. There are some beautiful spots along the River Thames that I would love to share with you.

Ed’s top London fact

There’s a remarkable piece of Victorian engineering that still remains close to the Savoy. I call it the stink lamp! The lamp is powered by gas from the sewers, and it still works to this day. It’s the last remaining one in London.

Ed’s top tours

I love the Classic London Sightseeing Tour, with its focus on the history and traditions of London. I also enjoy running the Harry Potter Tour – I’m a big kid at heart!

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